Friday, April 25, 2014


Being a creative consultant to one of the most hardworking women in the country is quite challenging. I hear a lot and here, I can serve as the voice for this people who need a platform to share their real life stories. Susan is a Port Harcourt based wife. She is married to Charles, her longtime boyfriend. They both dated for close to 7 years, a relationship which started way back from College. School ended and they continued with their love until Charles got a good income job and he proposed to Susie on one of there dates. Without hesitation, she said yes to her sweetheart and marriage vows were soon sealed. It’s now 8 years after their marriage and Susan has been blessed with 2 kids. Two beautiful girls. But alas! Something is still wrong with this lovely family. Charles, happen to travel a lot since the birth of his new born baby who is just 1 year and 7 months old. At first, Susan wasn’t bothered as he always claims of going on official assignments to other states. But suspicion and doubt started setting in when some of her husband’s colleague call their home line in an attempt to speak to the whole family and they were always been told about his official assignments. The tone in some of the response Susan hears after chatting with about 2 people made her think twice. Could it be that Charles’s journeys are just for his selfish reasons? This and many more questions go through her mind but Susan didn’t wish to admit the obvious. It continued for another six months after which, the innocent wife now started screening her husband. Well, finally, Susan was going through her husband’s pocket one day. Something she always do before the clothes are given out to the dry cleaners and there she found a picture. The picture of a little boy of about 4 who was being held by a woman that looked very much like his mother. She looked closely and this was exactly the picture of a boy, which she has seen on Charles’s mobile phone but he claimed he is for one of his colleagues. From that moment her real investigation began. And not only did she found out that the boy isn’t for any of her husband’s colleague, she also discovered that all his traveling had been fake and Charles hasn’t been sent out for anything official since about 5 years ago when he just started work afresh. In reality, Charles has a second wife, a lady named Bukky, based in Osun State and she is blessed with two boys. Both of which she discovered are for her husband. Now she needs your advice. Should they just continue living with this life of a lie or should she confront him. She doesn’t want to lose her marriage and also she is not pleased with sharing her husband with someone else.


  1. She has to confront him about it. I don't advise she stays married to him, but in our country a bad marriage is better than no marriage, so people would advise her to stay. I feel if she doesn't want to press legal charges, she should try to come to a legally bound arrangement with him bcos if he's officially married to that woman, their marriage is null and void at least in the eyes of the law. Whatever she does or decides, she should make sure it to the benefit of her kids and herself. And most importantly she needs to pray about this


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