Monday, June 26, 2017


Nigerian Media Personality,  Shade Ladipo also known as the Young Billionaire took to her twitter and instagram to celebrate her admission into the University of San Diego fully sponsored by the US state department. 

She shared an inspirational story and also used the medium to motivate others to continue to work hard and not give up because it will pay off at the end. 

She wrote:
  " I remember wanting to go school in the US so bad over 15yrs ago, My SAT & TOEFL scores were lit, I got a cross-cultural scholarship, everything was set, but my parents couldn't afford the tuition and I had to settle for University of Lagos. Fast forward and I am thankful because I doubt I would be the person of character I am today if I had ended up in the University of Minnesota like I wanted. I was hurt & felt betrayed by God at that time but I thank God it didn't work that way. Now I am studying at the University of San Diego fully sponsored by the US State Department & I'm not even paying for food. Sometimes you have to let Go and let God...Work hard but don't be fooled & think your hard work will be the end of all. The hard work will prepare you for the great things ahead but Gods plan is totally different from yours.  I'm grateful & entirely blessed.
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Photo credit: @shadeladipo on twitter and instagram.

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