Wednesday, July 5, 2017


·      Have a brand identity – Know what your brand stands for. From time to time, do your own personal survey of your brand. Ask People what they think of when they see your brand. It would help you work towards where you’re going with the brand.
·      Start: Stop procrastinating.
·      Be real
·      Be consistent
·      Be spontaneous
·      Connect! Connect! Connect!
·      Grab your viewer’s attention
·      Pace is very important – Don’t be boring and draggy.
·      Put your viewer’s interest first
·      Let your content be fresh yet evergreen
·      Let your content add value, viewers should gain a thing or two before they leave your page
·      Audience profiling is
·      Get comfortable with your own style and own it.
·      Your headline should draw your viewers
Many people are making a difference with social media by creating life changing activities and opportunities. We all have social media at our finger tips, but the question is “what exactly are we doing with it?

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