Saturday, April 20, 2013

Events, events and more events!!!

Hi sweeties,

I’m sure you all are doing great. I just thought I should keep you guys up to speed with the events I’ll be hosting in the next couple of weeks. I’ll be asking some questions and giving out invites/tickets to the lucky people that answer my questions correctly. I’m truly thankful to God for these wonderful opportunities. Here’s a list of the events I’m scheduled to host: 

Today 20/04/13: A Wedding

Tomorrow 21/04/13:  The blue carpet at the Islanders Magazine award of excellence

Wednesday 24/04/13: BOBW networking event

Thursday 25/04/13: My birthday aka a free day for me *Winks*

Saturday 27/04/13: Red carpet at a fashion show

Sunday 05/05/13: A dance show

Sunday 19/05/13: Mr. Ideal Nigeria

As the dates to the events draw near, i'll be asking questions you concerning the event so you can win tickets. For now, I have a few invites to give out for the Islanders magazine awards taking place tomorrow. All you have to do is tell me the names of 3 artists that are going to perform at the awards. You can tweet your answers to me @LadyAriyike.

This particular post is to inspire all the hardworking people out there that with prayers and hard work, you can achieve a lot. Be consistent, pray hard and take what you do seriously.

Peace and Love,


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