Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ariyike meets Treasure "Teekay" Kalu

It's interesting to know I've met over a million people and it's quite easy to say that everyone is different and unique in their own special kind of way. The things that set you apart from others is that unique thing about you.

Today, I want you all to read this young African man's story. A true life Nigerian success story. I can categorically tell you that he started from the bottom, now he's here...

Ariyike meets Treasure Kalu
My name is Treasure Kalu, I was born in Abia State and grew up in Warri, Delta State. Areaaaaaa!!! My friends call me "TeeKay". I'm an Electronic/Computer Engineer turned Inspirational Speaker/Social media manager/Social Entrepreneur/Blogger and the author of ‘#TweetLikeApro' by dint of passion. You can call me "Jack of all trade/Master of all".

My life is a movie full of intrigues, thrills and suspense. I was born through Cesarean section, I didn't give a cry for 48 hours after birth, sipped my first air from an oxygen cylinder, infact I was declared a still born by the doctors. I never grew up to meet both of my parents under the same roof. They got separated while I was still a child. My dad passed on when I was 9, I didn't get to meet any of my dad's relatives until 4 years ago (2009). Growing up with my mum was characterized by hardship. I hawked on the streets of Warri and did several other meagre jobs to keep going.

In the heat of hardship and frustration, I attempted suicide two times as a teenager. Going through the university was quite tough because I depended on the benevolence of relatives for sponsorship but thank God I made it through. Sadly, my mum didn't get to reap the fruit of her labour as she passed on a day to my 300 level exams. May her soul continue to rest Iin peace. *Please say amen*

For me, I like to say that "Circumstances don't make a man, they reveal him." The difficulties we go through either make us better or bitter. This quote holds a lot of truth in my life. Out of the miseries that I have been through, God has birthed ministries. I was opportuned to lead a student Christian body of about 200 members in the university. This experience was instrumental to the discovery of my life's assignment.

I started Xtreme Xcellence Consulting, a human capital development organisation in my final year in the university. Under this platform, I have trained the staff of different organisations on customer service delivery, sales, marketing and public speaking. The NYSC community plays host to me on a regular basis during their orientation camps where I coach the corps on corporate etiquettes and strategies. Over 20, 000 corps have been trained by me in the last 3 years. I have also released two inspirational audio CDs with several radio appearances; I also hosted an inspirational program on the ABN Satellite TV throughout the year 2012.

In August 2012, I started a social media campaign against rape and other forms of sexual violence in Nigeria called the "Evict Rape Africa Project". It's a project born out of my childhood molestation experience. The impact has gone beyond what I envisaged. A few months ago, I was invited to speak on the project at the Best of Both Worlds Networking event hosted by Ariyike Akinbobla (the owner of this blog) and most of the guests were pleasantly surprised that a young man could be so passionate about this cause. We've been a pillar of support to numerous rape victims and we've had a huge success rate with this project. The story of one of the Ladies who was reformed by this project was featured inside Punch Newspaper in February 2013.

I am currently the lead strategist for a project called the Street2School Project with the underlining vision of helping underprivileged inner-city kids get back to school. We are assisting 13 kids who are mostly orphans get back to school this October.

I draw my strength from my relationship with God. I have been a devoted Christian since age 12. I'm also blessed with great mentors both within and outside Nigeria. Some of them include Fela Durotoye, Steve Harris and Dr. Mike Murdock. I uphold the virtues of honour for the elderly, the dignity of labour and delayed gratification.

I'm currently writing my life's story in a book titled "Bruised but not broken". I am focused on establishing my personal brand as a notable brand in human capital development across the African continent and the globe at large.

I leave you with the words of Ex-President Bill Clinton: "In the 21st century, the wealth of any people will not be calibrated by what lies beneath their feet but by what lies between their ears." Invest in intellectual capacity; never stop learning, because your learning power determines your earning power.

Thank you Ariyike for the honour to be on your blog. Soar on!

Ariyike says:
Thank you for sharing your story with us. I enjoyed reading every bit of it and it only shows that with hardwork, persistence, determination, God's favour and good luck, your dreams will surely come true. No matter what we go through in life, we must never let it kill our dreams. Feel free to drop a comment.

To get in touch with "Teekay", you can follow him on twitter @InspiringTeeKay or send him a mail: kalujakes@yahoo.co.uk or you can add him on Blackberry, his pin is 32DFCD68.


  1. Great stuff. This story has inspired me to start working harder than before.

  2. Teekay is always an inspiration.

  3. Pastor Teeeeeeee! Always was, always is and always will be an inspiration! Kippirup!

  4. @ Alex, Amaka and @Anonymous. *laughs* Thanks for your kind comments. Let's keep on keeping on!

  5. WoW!!! I love it when people make the choice even in diicult and terrible circumstances to keep moving on. That's what makes this story so inspirational. Treasure kept moving on against all odds.it isn't how far but how well and boy have done well. I praise God for you. Hope u don't mind if I share this story to the children in my bible club?

  6. Wow! So inspiring!! It just clearly shows that tough times never last tough people do! What a testimony