Thursday, November 21, 2013


Tade is a young graduate from one of the reputable Universities in the country and also a banker. He has been dating Funmi, a 300 level student studying sociology for about six years now. They met when Tade was in his final and Funmi just finished secondary school education then. The relationship has been fine so far but Tade and Funmi never had sex. Funmi is one of those rare ladies who would love to wait till marriage before anything happen and his boyfriend didn’t object when she told him. Tade has already made up his mind that his future lies with this beautiful girl. But one month ago, they had a very big fight. Tade got angry and so was Funmi. They stopped talking to each other for two weeks before Tade went to her house to officially beg for forgiveness. While he was on his knees all alone in her house begging, Funmi continued to cry. He thought it was what he did but she said she has offended him. Three days after they fought, she met one of her old time friends and they hooked up. One thing led to the other and she and the guy had sex four days after. She wants me back but now am confused. Can I live with such a woman as my wife? I strongly need your advice. If you were in my shoes what will you do?


  1. You should take her back.when you do that, she would forever be loyal and faithful knowing she has let u down before..After all, true love forgives.Jesus did so why shouldn't we.

  2. Yes, I definitely agree with Iheanyi and my only addition is that you should take her back if only you know you have truly forgiven (of which I suggest you find a way to do). There's no point taking her back and not loving her the same because of a past mistake. She'll remain miserable forever and your relationship will be pointless.