Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I have heard such stories before but I never knew I will be telling one on my blog. Mr. Kufor is about 60 years old. A man who resides in one of the popular areas on the mainland, here in Lagos. He has been married to his wife for about 30 years now. And this marriage was blessed with only one child. A beautiful daughter, whom Mr. Kufor cherishes and adore so much. She was named Victoria after her mother. Life has been going on smoothly with this family. But Mr. Kufor suddenly heard his little baby tell her friends on one occasion while growing up that she has another daddy. He didn’t bother to confront her, but he told her mother. A statement which she debunked and told her husband that Victoria was probably just kidding with her friends. The issue went down and the family went back to normal. No arguments and no second dad anymore in the picture. Not until recently when Victoria was planning her 22nd birthday did a new twist appear in the script of their life. A man, about the same height and almost the same skin color as Victoria appeared at their apartment. With a huge claim that he is the real father to this little princess. Everyone present was stunned and shocked with the claim. It became loud and Mr. Kufor finally accepted his claim after about 3 weeks. But only on one condition, they have to produce a DNA certification to back up the claim. Few days after the test, the result proves that Mr. Kufor is actually not the real father of the only child he has ever known as his. Mr. Kufor who has spent the last 22 years basking in the joy of training his only child, Victoria is now sad, confused and depressed because he's still shocked that his wife could do that to him and to make natters worse, Victoria's biological father has made travelling arrangements and he’s ready to fly Victoria to Canada, where he resides so they can start living together.What would you advice Mr. Kufor to do? By @Graffiti06


  1. He should divorce his wife and sue both her and the bio dad for reimbursement.

  2. Well he is a man,get over it and try to father a child. Shit happens no use crying over spilt milk.

  3. Sister, use paragraphs in your articles. It's easier to read.