Friday, March 14, 2014


Recently I got a mail from one of Ariyike’s readers out there and she really needs your help before she can take this bold step. Olubukola, a 30 year old lady who works at one of the big banks in Lagos recently got what every lady wants in a relationship, I know some of you might say perhaps a big gift such as a car or a house. But actually, she did get that one question from her man whom she had been dating for 3 years now. Tunde, finally popped the “will you marry me” question to Olubukola, and she jumped with ecstasy as she accepted to be his wife. Marriage preparations were put in place instantly, invitations was sent out, a date has been fixed and a venue has already been chosen. Money has been spent, and even Olubukola’s family members outside the country have been invited. It’s just three weeks before the wedding day when the bride to be got a hint that one of her supposed best friend/chief bridesmaid at her wedding is 4 months pregnant. With so much gladness she quickly drove down to her friend’s house to congratulate her. But on getting there, her friend was shocked to see her and she broke down into tears. Strange to Olubukola, she tried to console her friend and find out what exactly is the reason for the tears. Her friend, Tomi continued to cry just as she struggled to tell Olubukola that the man who is responsible for the baby she is carrying happens to be the same man Olubukola is planning her wedding with. With so much shock, the bride-to-be rushed down to confront her boyfriend. Tunde felt it was a pleasant visit. Olubukola paced in and without any delay she popped the question to Tunde. He was shocked and surprised to hear about the pregnancy news from his wife-to-be. But with so much plea and tears running down Olubukola’s face, he confessed and agreed that he is truly responsible for the pregnancy. Bukola broke down into tears, and she rushed out of the house and drove home. Now she is confused. With all the wedding preparations and all those that has been invited. Can she still go on with this marriage or should she just cancel the wedding? By @Graffiti06


  1. Hmmm, I think the wedding should be postponed till further notice. She needs to take her time,so she doesn't make a wrong decision,because whatever she decides she will have to live with for the rest of her life.

  2. Forget abt d marriage instead of d whole drama

  3. She should pray to God n if she truly loves her man she should go ahead! Is the lady in question really a friend? She must have been sleeping with the guy long before it resulted in pregnancy and why didn't she say it out when th pregnancy was just few weeks old. Fear your enemies but fear your friends most!

  4. For me personally I would not go ahead with the marriage. I CANNOT be married to someone I can no longer trust, nor respect; someone who will cheat on me with my own friend! Yes I have issues about the friend sleeping with my hubby-to-be but I am not marrying HER and I will get over it but this issue will forever cause tension between all parties. The friend will start playing a role in your husbands life whether you like it or not and the husband will also be in the lady's as well as the baby's life. Can you handle that all the days of your life????

    It is truly an awful predicament and I am truly sorry for this lady's plight but do NOT make things worse for yourself by entering this marriage, even if you are not prepared to cancel please please please postpone it as someone said above until you are clear in what to do (from the date above your wedding should be this coming weekend)

    I pray that Jehovah Almighty reveals to you the correct thing to do and I pray that your spirit man in heightened to listen to the leading of God. Marriage is an already tough institution which requires 100% from both parties without already having complications such as this.

    It is well with you, your OWN TRUE GOD GIVEN husband will come and find you, your very own BOAZ will sweep you off your feet, please this current one is not it.

    Bless you my sister and I wish you all the best