Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Good morning sweeties!!! 

I'm going to share a little story with you....Before I resigned from my Law job to venture into the world of TV Presenting, I searched online for tips on how to get a job on TV here in Nigeria but I found nothing. 

I tried to get in touch with people who were already on TV but no one wanted to help. I've been there before so I know exactly how you feel if you're trying to land a TV/Radio gig. I have received thousands of mails from aspiring TV/ Radio Presenters telling me to start a TV/Radio seminar for OAPs and Upcoming artists who want to learn how to speak and comport themselves in front of the cameras in preparation for when they 'blow' where they can learn from me and meet me in person. 

To God be the glory, the first edition of my Presenters seminar will hold on the 18th of June 2016. If you will like to participate, please contact 08093626314 or 08131566472. Everything you will learn is on the flyer. Adenike Oyetunde from Nigeria Info and Real Skillz from Unilag fm will also be there. There will be a full camera crew with a Producer who has worked with TV stations in London and Nigeria and they will record you at the seminar so you will get to practice what you learnt immediately. i'm so excited and I will looove to meet you. There are only 20 slots available so make sure you book now!!!! A.A


  1. I am not an artist, but would have loved to be a part of the seminar, if not for the distance. I am based in Asaba. I admire your guts though, venturing from paid employment to nurturing stars for greatness.

  2. I think you should make this a regular event, there are lots of younger folks looking for such opportunity...Let's talk about this.