Saturday, November 14, 2015

He Says He Loves Me, but Still Beats Me Up by Adrian Udeh

A mail was recently sent to me containing the complains of a 22years old married woman whose name i promise not mention. In the mail, she told me how confused she is in her marriage as her husband has turned her into a punching bag but yet
comes back later to beg and swear his love for her and yet he would still beat her up again. I personally think that any man that beats up his wife seriously needs help and he definitely doesn't love  her like he claims. Regardless of whatever your wife has done or what you going through  personally, a man has no right to beat his wife nor any other woman. In the mail, she went on to state how he would also force her to do unspeakable things on bed all in the name making love. "I love my husband so much despite his new found love of beating me up even in front of our three years old son, we have been married for 5years now and he never laid his hands on me not until last year November 13th when I served his food and forgot to bring along his drinking water and ever since then, he keeps beating me on daily bases even sometimes, twice a day. He also calls me names and has recently stopped me from working. I am scared to tell anyone because i will be called a fool for still being in the marriage. besides, what will people say if i come out of my marriage that i have been in for barely 5years. I am so confused on what to do, I love him and i know he loves me too despite how treats me. I cant even leave because my child would never forgive me for leaving him to grow up in the hands of another woman. So please, help decide on what to do as I can't loose my child and marriage just yet".

Adrian says: 
               I like that women are very selfless and strong. but sincerely young lady, and every woman reading this right now, if your husband hits you, for what so ever even if you were wrong, RUN. If you stay in the name of your child or children, you are only risking your life because a dead woman cant take care of a child neither can she defend her self when the child grows up to ask why he was left to be brought up by another woman. "A stitch in time saves Nine".
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  1. Hmmm age 22 and she has been married for 5 years.If that data is correct it means she got married at the age of 17. First error, she got married before she was ripe for marriage. Now back to the issue, did she even date this man, well im guessing she did but for a short period. She must have seen abusive tendencies but she ignored them. I read a lot of articles so I can tell you signs for other ladies to learn from. 1. Do you see 10 missed calls from the man, if he calls you once and u miss his call, its okay to call you 2 more times. if he calls you repeatedly like 10 times then he is abusive. He is trying to force you to pick up the call, someone that is not abusive will understand that you either do not want to speak at the moment or you are not with your phone and will wait patiently for you to return his call 2. If he criticizes you everytime, finds error with most things you do. 3. If he has a bad temper (and get angry unneccesarily). 4. If he hits someone else in front of you. I do know people develop themselves,however, do not expose yourself to a man that has abusive tendencies until you are sure he has evolved for good. Relationships are easy to walk away from and she should not have married the guy. Now this is marriage, my dear I won't agree with Ariyike and tell you to run as much as I am against men hitting women. He is your husband so thats a different ball game.I will advise you to pray and fast. Sprinkle holy water in your house for peace. Prayers work magic my dear. Also check out your own attitude, cause husband tends to become abusive if their woman is not submissive. I wish you all the best.